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AntiRaid is a Automatic Moderation Service created to protect your Discord Server from threats, unsafe bots and spamming using our advanced technology!



What features does AntiRaid offer?

Customizable Backups

AntiRaid offers you with customizable and downloadable server backups allowing you to both backup exactly what you need and control your server's data if you want to including local backups and restores!


With AntiRaid, you can setup limits to control exactly what your moderators can do through simple ratelimits.

Raid Prevention

AntiRaid allows you to lock down your server upon a detected raid to help prevent members from joining when you are being raided.

User Friendly

Unlike most other bots, AntiRaid provides an API to perform many actions such as managing backups/settings and exporting your data if you wish to switch out to avoid vendor-locking.

Advanced Infractions System

Our Advanced Infractions System allows you to easily make cases against a user for violating rules, while being able to make it contain information such as moderator name, allegation, reason, action and proof.

Audit Logging

Everytime a action occurs on your server, we will send a message to a specific channel to help better protect your server against attackers.
Meet the Team

Meet the Team!

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